Bragging rights

It is now possible to link items you find and own into the chat channel.

To link an item, simply drag it into the chat where you enter the text and a link will be created. This works also to show how many resources you have in a stack.

The same applies for writing mails. Simply drag the item into the text area.

Quality of life improvements

It is now possible to also demolish warehouses, if enough space is freed in the castle inventory. The slots that are removed are the ones at the bottom, so those should be freed up before attempting the demolition.

The chat button blink is more obvious now. The same goes for the mail notification button.

Chat channels now have a player in channel counter in the header, to better track activity.


Some tooltips have been corrected.

All non-soldier (catapults/balistas) losses will now be recorded correctly in the reports. Previously, it appeared as if all the units were lost, even if none were actually lost.

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