New city graphics

The graphics in the city view have been changed substantially.

More vegetation was added (grass mainly) and the distance at which the grass was visible has also been increased. Also the randomness of the size of the vegetation was changed.

Additionally, a second light was added to the scene to create a global illumination effect and increase overall illumination of (previously dark) objects.

The fog distance was also shortened.

New player experience

It was noticed that new players have a hard time getting the lord out of the castle for the first time. Basically, the “Sortie army” icon is not visible enough.

Players did however notice the lord button on the top of the screen and the “Back to map” button on the bottom of the city view. However, clicking on any of those did not actually sortie the lord, so additional action (double clicking on the lord button on the top bar) was needed.

To counter this issue, the top bar button is now changed and it will always sortie/focus the lord even on the first/single click.
Additionally, the “Back to map” button will now open a dialogue if there are lords garrisoned to give the player an additional chance to sortie one of them.

This will have the unfortunate effect that, when a player wants to just quickly check the status of a lord, clicking on the lord icon in the top bar will also switch to the map the lord is on and/or sortie it.

We will study the impact this has on the players and reevaluate the issue if needed.

Defect fixes

A very rare summon portal crash with disconnect from server has been spotted and fixed. Only happened when summoning portal from certain areas of large maps into smaller maps.

The warning that another player is looking for your lord inside a quest area is now visible and interractable again.

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