The vast majority of the work in this patch is related to game localization.
The localization engine has been implemented and deployed. All texts in the game should now be localized. At this time, there are only two languages available, English, as before, and Romanian which is the developer native language.
More languages will be added as translations for them become available.
Currently working on: French, German, Russian.

Quality of life / balancing

The value of lord weapons has been substantially increased. Finding and selling those weapons/armor will now yield much better sums of gold in the market. The same is true for the “Loot bag” quest item dropping from the first quests.

It is now possible to select a lord with all hitpoints missing, even on non premium accounts. This will allow for completing quests for that lord which will give bonus time which in turn may end the season faster (immediately).

It is now possible to just select a castle to view the quick status of it (from the map). To enter a castle, the player needs to select the castle from the top bar and then click again on the selected castle icon (or double click the icon).

Summoned portal targets window has been changed a bit, with targets from various islands being grouped in containers that can be folded. Furthermore, visited quest givers that are no longer of interest can be removed from the list by using the delete button on the list item. This will prevent clogging of that window. The number following the island name is the island code, and should help players differentiate between islands with different names. This will be in place until the feature to name islands will be ready.

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